Hey! I’m Kathryn Cohen, lover of all things creative- art, fashion, furniture, music.... and my puppy, Eloise. She’s the Studio of One mascot and my little sidekick.

I dreamt up Studio of One as a collective of my creative work. Currently, I am focusing on printed clothing, but plan to expand into handbags and eventually interior goods.

Each item is one of a kind and handprinted by me with lots of love! I design all of the artwork with the exception of the historical art pieces. Follow Studio of One on Instagram to keep up as I release new pieces!

Most of the pieces I print on are vintage or secondhand items. Giving previously worn items another chance and a leg up ;). The pre-order items like socks, tights & mesh tops are new items. As Studio of One grows, I hope to completely eliminate those items and replace them with clothing made of vintage or recycled fabrics. 


- Kathryn